Sunday, July 31, 2011

nun nun..... nun nun..nun nun SHARK WEEK! CHOMP!

Its the most wonderful timeeee of the year! SHARK WEEK!
I'm fairly sure that 99% of Facebook has an OBSESSION with Shark Week.  I'll admit it is pretty addictive.. sharks are mysterious creatures-- and probably one of the reasons I don't swim anywhere near where I can't stand.  Yes, you heard that right.. the life guard for 8 years-- swimmer for even longer, wont swim in open water.  I'm terrified, Go ahead make fun. 
RAWRRRR!!This my friends, is one of the reasons why. 

Now normally Shark Week occurs while my family is in Ocean City Maryland-- making the whole thing a bit more terrifying if you ask me.

At any rate--the Discovery Channel has a pretty awesome lineup of shows to watch starting with tonight's new shows "Great White Invasion", "Jaws Comes home"-- my night is set! 


Friday, July 29, 2011

LoL Cat

This is so true... 

Photo Friday

So I thought it would be a cool idea to let you see a weeks worth of photo's that happen on my iPhone every friday.  I take a LOT of photos-- most of which are just things I think are cool... but maybe you'll think its cool too!

Here we go! No descriptions just pictures:


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Goo Goo Dolls Concert!

So as you saw my previous post yesterday, I was little more than excited about going to the Goo Goo Dolls and Michelle Branch concert.  Lets be honest.. I was counting down the seconds! 

We decided to get there around 6.  We drove and parked on the other side of the river so we could 1. Have prime parking 2. Have less expensive parking 3.  Have a nice little walk over to the park by the river.  Succeeded in all of these by the way!  We got across the river and down to Stage AE by about 6 but the line to get in was ABSOLUTELY ridiculously long.... I kinda had to pee (no surprise) so we decided to stop in the Jerome Bettis Grille.  Most interesting bathrooms ever.  The guys has a two way mirror so they don't have to miss a second of the game.. um, What about the girls!? Nothing cool except an overly dark room that has a sink that lights up from underneath at random times...

ANYWAY, so after we went pee, we decided to sit and have a drink.  I'm a light beer person, but the special was Sam Adam's Summer Ale.. which wasn't bad.. Yay for expanding my beer selection! 

At about 6:30 we decided to go in-- we stood on the lower section so we could be a little closer when Goo came on.  (I also tried Blue Moon there too!)

The first band came on, called Parachute.  They were pretty good but basically look nothing like they do in this video-- all their hair is super long now... Still goo artists.. take a listen:

Michelle Branch came out and played next.  She actually played Leave the pieces from when she was in The Wreckers, which I thought was awesome..

Finally at about 9:15 Goo Goo Dolls came on.  I went crazy with taking pictures and video so here you go!

I think this was my favorite Goo concert and I'm sooooo so so glad i went!  I hope you enjoy the pictures.. maybe Ill add the video's too.. maybe..


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Goo Today!

Because I am super pumped for the concert... 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Concerts, School and Starting over.

So as you may know(or may not) U2 is performing at Heinz Field tonight. The building I work at was nice enough to purchase and give away 50 pairs of tickets to the first 50 employees that responded. I was not one of those lucky individuals but a few employees on my floor did win these tickets. So now traffic is going to be horrible.. not that it isn't horrible to begin with! Lucky I walk to work!

Speaking of concerts, tomorrow is Goo Goo Dolls and Michelle Branch at Stage AE. I can't wait! I'm not exactly sure when I really started loving the Goo Goo Dolls, but I do know it was around the time I was life-guarding at the Pittsburgh Field Club-- so probably 5 years ago?! Anyway, I'm so excited to be going to see them again for the third time. Two times is clearly not enough.

After publishing this post, I will have officially worked my last 8 hour day at my internship... Until I go back for my 6 month extension in late August. I'm excited but for now I need a break. Tomorrow I work a half day here.. then obviously I'm going to an amazing concert. I have one more day at my hospital job(no I won't be naming these places I work in fear that you all will stalk me.. okay maybe not you all.. but someone out there), and then a break till late August as well. I didn't know it at the time, but I worked my last shift for the year at the pool about two weeks ago. I still have some private swim lessons I need to complete so I'm not 100% done there but I can see the finish line. As for RA'ing, I still have Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday shifts to cover... bummer right!?

August 8th starts a new beginning of my academic year. RA Training. The reason I have to end all my jobs so early. Last year, the first day of training I was so upset to be going to RA training-- missing out on all the fun my friends were having. By the last day, I wouldn't have changed a thing. Okay, maybe I would have changed the times we had to start and finish training during the day, but the time I spent with my new friends was amazing. I'm hoping that this year will be no different.

I can't remember whose graduation ceremony I heard this at-- Pitt, Duquesne, or my High School, but the closer I get to my own graduation the more I realize how true it is. Each year in the Fall Students get to start over. New classes, new teachers, new books, new binders, folders, activities and jobs. Everything is like a clean slate. I think that's what I love the most about starting a semester. I think everyone and their mom (literally) knows how much I want to be done with school-- graduated, working-- making big girl money. But I really think i'll miss not being able to start over when I screw up(I know it'll happen).

This year I've made some pretty specific goals for myself-- which i'll probably get into in another post because literally each goal could be its own post. I think this is probably the biggest difference from last year. Last year my only goal was: Survive. I had no idea how challenging being an RA and studying and being at school would be. This year, I've stepped up my game.. More on that later..

For now I'll leave you with some Goo


Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello World!

Blog attempt take 2?! Sure! I am a much bigger fan of Blogger than I am of my previous blog (I'm not going to bash). I just really like the features of Blogger so I'm sticking to it! Anyway, this is my new blog.

I'm a busy person and I realize that I have not kept up as much as I should have with my previous blog. I hope you all (you all who!?) like reading my posts and I'm not too boring for you!

Please let me know if you have issues reading my blog (links are broken or something REALLY annoys you), or if you have any questions for me!. I've already gotten a request from Amy! Thanks Am!

Anyway, Just saying hello with a quick post! More tomorrow!