Sunday, July 31, 2011

nun nun..... nun nun..nun nun SHARK WEEK! CHOMP!

Its the most wonderful timeeee of the year! SHARK WEEK!
I'm fairly sure that 99% of Facebook has an OBSESSION with Shark Week.  I'll admit it is pretty addictive.. sharks are mysterious creatures-- and probably one of the reasons I don't swim anywhere near where I can't stand.  Yes, you heard that right.. the life guard for 8 years-- swimmer for even longer, wont swim in open water.  I'm terrified, Go ahead make fun. 
RAWRRRR!!This my friends, is one of the reasons why. 

Now normally Shark Week occurs while my family is in Ocean City Maryland-- making the whole thing a bit more terrifying if you ask me.

At any rate--the Discovery Channel has a pretty awesome lineup of shows to watch starting with tonight's new shows "Great White Invasion", "Jaws Comes home"-- my night is set! 



Living N Learning said...

Interesting...I've heard of shark week but have never watched any of the shows. Maybe I should??

Alexis Anton said...

Oh my gosh Am, your missing out. Turn on Discovery right now!