Monday, November 14, 2011

Road ID

I think every runner or biker should have a Road ID! Under that smiley face are the phone numbers associated to those names. The ID allows care givers to contact my family if something happened to me running(or anywhere).

I even found some coupon codes for you guys to use in the shipping of my box.  These are for "The wrist ID sport". 

These are the codes: 

Each are $1 off of the cost of the Wrist ID sport. 

Hope you stay safe and get yourself one! 

Three very important little crosses

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Semester Recap! PHOTO STYLE!

Things I've Done This Semester:

Made new friends and attended my first graffiti dance
Danced my butt off!

Attended Pitt Homecoming 
wondered around the Cathedral 

Attended Two Weddings:

Had a beautiful afternoon

Shared some serious laughs

 Caught up with Pitt Friends


Enjoyed a Moment together.

Had a Photo shoot 

Had cuddle time before bed

Enjoyed cousin time

Tickled a cutie

Made silly faces

Went to the Rib Fest
Had an awkward couple shoot

Went To DCL with my Best Friends

Did a little double handed face washing...

Had a car photo shoot and a dance/rap party

Posed for a family shot!

Ran A Race
Became the Mario Sisters :-)

Came in first place:

Happy Halloween

Go Pitt, Go Pitt, Go Pitt!