Saturday, November 12, 2011

Semester Recap! PHOTO STYLE!

Things I've Done This Semester:

Made new friends and attended my first graffiti dance
Danced my butt off!

Attended Pitt Homecoming 
wondered around the Cathedral 

Attended Two Weddings:

Had a beautiful afternoon

Shared some serious laughs

 Caught up with Pitt Friends


Enjoyed a Moment together.

Had a Photo shoot 

Had cuddle time before bed

Enjoyed cousin time

Tickled a cutie

Made silly faces

Went to the Rib Fest
Had an awkward couple shoot

Went To DCL with my Best Friends

Did a little double handed face washing...

Had a car photo shoot and a dance/rap party

Posed for a family shot!

Ran A Race
Became the Mario Sisters :-)

Came in first place:

Happy Halloween

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Love it!