Thursday, September 29, 2011


So I recently found this website that I am absolutely in love with.  Its called Pinterest.  The best way to explain this website is that it is a virtual pin board.

People post their ideas for different things. (I know this is a great explanation of the website).  Categories include: apparel and accessories, art and architecture, design and packaging, DIY and crafts, fashion, film, music and books, food, home and furniture, kids, photography, people, prints and posters, science, technology,  travel, products, and finally wedding and events.   

Ideas are called "pins" and are created by a user and generally should include(or at least i think it is extremely helpful) the location from where the idea came from like a blog, etsy page, or website.  After a pin is created anyone on pinterest can pin that idea.  Pinterest users often say, if you love it pin it.

Some of the ideas that I have come across on pinterest are so smart and make you think now why didnt I think of this? 

  • using a link roller to pick up glitter
  • using bread clips to label the ends of plugs on a power strip or to mark the end of the tape roll
There are so many great ideas out there and I encourage everyone to check this out!

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Living N Learning said...

I've heard of this site through the blog world but have yet to check it out myself. Just what I need - another distraction! LOL