Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Amazon Kindle

These are a few of my favorite things.... 

So last Christmas, my lovely sister Nikki got me the Amazon Kindle.  Best decision ever.  I absolutely love my Kindle and Kindle cover (thanks Michael!)

For those of you who do not know the Amazon Kindle is a lightweight, portable e-reader offered obviously by Amazon.com.  The reason I thought to write this post today was because I drove past a borders bookstore and saw that it was closing.  The likely cause of its closing is because of the Amazon Kindle-- and Borders lack of a relevant e-reader.  

Anyway! Onto the fun stuff about my Kindle.  The first and most important reason that I like my particular Kindle is because Nikki got me the Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi, which works anywhere in the world.  The 3G is paid for by Amazon so you do not have to pay for any time spent searching for that perfect book.  This is great for me because I am not necessarily in Wi-Fi when I'd like to purchase a book.  You can literally buy a book anywhere.  

The Kindle also displays "E Ink" verses LCD display.  This allows easy reading (no headaches from the LCD light) and ability to read in the sun 

The Kindle reads more like paper than a computer such as the iPad or iPhone which can be difficult to read in the sun due to a glare.  

The battery life on the Kindle is absolutely rediculous.  I can literally go over a month easily without having to charge it.  This is because the Kindle loads a page and turns off. It keeps the page on the screen for about 15 minutes and then the Kindle goes to sleep and loads a beautiful image on the screen.  

Here are some pictures to prove exactly how clear the Kindle is.  It literally looks like a book.

Another thing that I really like about the kindle is the variety of books offered at consistently low prices.  You can even get school books on the kindle (if you really want to).  Searching for the book you want is done by simply switching on the internet and typing in the book you want.  One more click and you'll have your book purchased.  

The Kindle also has a number of accessories that you can buy with it such as decals, covers, lights, chargers etc. 

I hope you enjoy my "review" of the amazon Kindle!


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Living N Learning said...

I love my Kindle! Thanks to your great recommendation I got the 3G + WiFi one.

I don't have any complaints about my Kindle and would defnitely recommend it to anyone interested in an eReader.