Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can't find that perfect shade of nail polish?

So being a nail polish person--I've read a few blogs about creating that perfect shade of nail polish. Today I tried my very first attempt!

Lets get to the supplies:
Clear Nail Polish
Colored Shadow

A funnel created from post-its:

Now that we have all our items we simply take off the polish cap, add the funnel and a scoop of the shadow and shake. I added one scoop of the blue and got this:
I didn't really like how this turned out because it was super thin-- it looked watery on my nail. So I added another scoop of blue.
It started to look a little better this time, but just for fun I added a little black.. 
Not so pretty anymore...So I added a little white...
Moral of the story is-- less black is more.

This was a good first try.  I'm going to be using making nail polish as a program for my RA social so it was good to just experiment with this.  

Does this look like something you'd try?  What colors would you try?

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Living N Learning said...

Very interesting! I did not know you could make your own nail polish color. Kind of sucks that if it doesn't come out like you would like there's no way to "undo" whatever you did last that made it not looks so cool lol.